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China's economic slowdown slows down

On the 15th, the domestic steel price continued to decline. Weak economic data has continued to put pressure on the spot. Whether it is the slowdown in the growth rate of fixed asset investment or the decline in the industrial economic momentum indicated by the slowdown in the growth of social power consumption, or the significant drop in the growth rate of CPI, it shows that China’s economy is in a declining trend and continues to be released according to the current production capacity. As well as the tone of the central bank’s policies, the impact of the weakening of economic momentum on various entities still needs the market to digest itself. At the same time, geopolitical risks remain, and the Fed has reduced liquidity and pressured commodity prices, thereby suppressing domestic capital markets. The situation of internal and external troubles has made it difficult to change the weaker adjustment of steel prices. The finished products remained in a weak position. The price of construction steel, hot-rolled coils and cold-rolled coils remained weak. Although the prices of medium-thick steel plates increased slightly, they were limited in strength and were difficult to sustain. With the declining steel prices, the cost of raw materials used in steel production has also dropped significantly. The concentration of risks in financing mines has led to the recent decline in ore prices. With little profits and increasingly fierce market competition, the favorable effect of weakening the production costs of steel mills has recently become a drag on steel mills to lower the price of finished products. the elements of. After Baosteel lowered the price of carbon steel sheet futures in June, the recently released sheet price policy for June in Wuhan Iron and Steel also maintained the downward adjustment tone. Compared with the recent weakness in the price of hot-rolled general materials, the prices of cold-rolled, pickled, and galvanized are overall The performance is even worse, the value-added sheet products will be transferred to the downstream development and the adjustment of the market economy in the current steel mills, or they will abandon the trend of less quantity, and the market share will increase, but the price difference with the general steel products is also Or will be reduced. In general, the steel price will be hard to change in the short term, and the market for overcast will continue. However, the adjustment of product structure cannot be ignored.

According to market monitoring, on the 15th, the domestic average price of 3mm rebar in domestic key cities was 3,267 yuan, which was 5 yuan less than yesterday; the average price of domestic high-profile Ф6.5mm high-line was 3,368 yuan, which was 6 yuan lower than yesterday; major domestic cities The average price of 5.5mm hot-rolled coils was 3,403 yuan, which was 3 yuan less than yesterday; the average price of 1.0mm cold-rolled coils in key domestic cities was 4,103 yuan, which was the same as yesterday; the average price of 20mm medium-board in domestic key cities was 3,462 yuan. It rose by 1 yuan yesterday.

On the raw materials side, on the 15th, the 150*150 carbon billet in Tangshan area was 2,840 yuan, which was a drop of 20 yuan compared with yesterday; the price of 65-66 grade acidic dry iron powder in Tangshan was 945 yuan, which was the same as yesterday; the secondary metallurgical coke in Tangshan area Price 1080 yuan, unchanged from yesterday.

In the previous period, the main 1410 rebar contract opened lower at 3164 yuan/ton in the morning on the 15th and then oscillated downwards with a minimum of 3130 yuan and a maximum of 3174 yuan, and closed at 3131 yuan/ton, which was lower than the settlement price of the previous trading day (14th). At 38 yuan/ton, 1,974,658 lots were traded, holding 2,154,638 lots, an increase of 118,152 lots.

Hot rolled coil main 1410 contract opened higher at 3,324 yuan/ton in the morning on the 15th, followed by a narrow range shock, the lowest 3298 yuan, the highest 3328 yuan, to close at 3300 yuan / ton, compared with the previous trading day (14) fell 18 RMB/ton, 4,666 contracts, 44,738 positions, 278 contracts.

On the macro level, today's central bank will launch an 87 billion-day repurchase on the open market and continue to recover liquidity.

In April, the electricity consumption of the entire society was 435.6 billion kWh, a year-on-year slowdown, which only increased by 4.6%. From January to April, the country’s total electricity consumption amounted to 1,718.5 billion kwh, an increase of 5.2% year-on-year. In terms of sub-sectors, the primary industry used electricity was 25.4 billion kWh, a year-on-year decrease of 4.9%; the secondary industry's electricity consumption was 1,239.8 billion kWh, an increase of 5.0%; the tertiary industry's electricity consumption was 211.6 billion kWh, an increase of 6.5%; The electricity consumption of urban and rural residents was 237.8 billion kWh, an increase of 6.6%.

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